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  1. That only worked one time and then stopped working. Ultimately it was not a fix. As for a possible DNS issue I changed my DNS provider and that also made things seem to work, for a few minutes. Then the problem returned. In any case it seems fine today so unless they give us a specific reason for the issue we may not entirely know why. That said if the problem does not return I'll forget to care. 😁
  2. I shut down for lunch and when I started back up afterwards it seems ok, at least for now. This is currently without having to enable the VPN. -Posted too soon, the message is back.
  3. I'm still seeing this notification. For the second day. Wondered if it was just me yesterday but I see today that it isn't.
  4. I searched and did not find anything specific to my question, which is: Does the option to enable "allow advanced antispam scan" cause resource or privacy issues if you enable it or is there some other reason it is disabled by default?
  5. I have seen others say that updates don't run while the PC is locked (Win + L) either so I would assume that ESET products don't run tasks on a locked PC. I don't really care myself, just reporting what I have heard from others. Maybe it helps?
  6. time.windows.com is very inconsistent due to the volume of traffic it receives. It may all be coincidence. It fails more often than not for me regardless of firewall used (or not used). You may want to find a different server to sync with if you have ongoing problems. I doubt the firewall is the issue.
  7. Good plan, I use uBlock myself. You'll need that to block ads but security wise you should be good.
  8. 22H2 seems to have a multitude of problems. I would only use it to test at this point. Which I have stopped doing for the moment. Reporting issues like this is good, it helps these 3rd party vendors discover and fix issues. Though this one is likely on Microsoft as they have made changes to Defender, and also to Core Isolation from what I have heard. I would not recommend it for a daily driver. I'm going to give them a month or 2 before trying it again.
  9. Ok, last post on this. After discovering other issues I have rolled back to 21H2 with no short term intentions to update to 22H2 again. I do not feel that it is ready to go.
  10. As a follow up though this seemed to work at first, when I was on another forum and started typing a reply to a discussion my browser crashed and disappeared. This happened with Firefox and then again the same exact thing happened in Edge. I disable "secure all browsers" and they both work without the crash.
  11. I changed to pre-release and it seems to be working fine now. Thanks.
  12. Well, I'll give my own answer. So far it seems ok but "secure all browsers" does not work. With 22H2 browsers will not launch with this setting. Firefox gives a "couldn't load xpcom" error until I turned this setting off. Otherwise I have seen no other issues. Yet.
  13. As Windows 11 22H2 was released to the Release Preview Insiders yesterday I gave it a go and it was so broken that I had to restore a backup from yesterday morning. Any known issues with ESSP and 22H2? I do realize it is not officially released to everyone but it will be at some point. I am thinking about trying again in case it was an issue with the upgrade process itself but if it is broken again then I need to identify why that is and report issues to the vendor where the conflict lies so it can be resolved by the official release. I am not currently blaming any ESET software but if there are known compatibility issues it will shorten my troubleshooting.
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