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  1. I've had eset smart security enabled on my Windows 10 laptop for some time but only tonight activated the anti-theft option. Eset now gives me an Anti-theft Optimization Warning. When I click on the link to see the optimization report I'm directed to the anti-theft.eset.com website. I'm prompted to sign in to my account and then see my laptop listed with four stars out of five, and a message that the device is not fully optimized. When I click on the "optimize this device" link I get a page that shows my machine, then a horizontal separator line, but no other information or links below the line. (Picture inserted below with computer name obscured.) When I see similar screens on the website there are options for "status" "activity" "optimization" etc. below the separator line, but I see nothing at all and so I can't identify or fix the optimization problem. I can't figure out what is my next stop to resolve the problem. Any help will be appreciated.
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