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Newb setup questions

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I am new to ESET, recently installed Smart Security 8 on two older PC's. Both are running Windows 10 Home, Office 2016 with Outlook for email. Right now, ESS is set at all defaults. Should I consider tweaking some settings such as scheduled or idle time scans, enable PUA detection, document protection, program updates, etc.?

I am not a knowledgable power user and there are a lot of settings that can be modified.

Are there any settings that can/should be changed from defaults (that won't cause problems or preformance hit) or is staying with all default settings good enough?

Can I also run Malwarebytes Pro concurrently with ESS for an extra layer of protection?

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  1. No, is good not modify the settings unless you know what you are doing and what will happen after.
  2. No change need it, stay with defaults (home user).

Well a few things about it replying your questions...


  • Is not good to have 2 antivirus program running in the same machine. Can lead to false positive, lack of resources, conflicts.
  • For the Home user, ESET works perfectly without you touching. The only thing is suggests is, on the installation, activate the
    detection for those PUA he mention.
  • ESET is by default already tune for low impact on the system, let it be. ;)
  • The updates are running auto every 60 mins so not even you need to update manually. Only when the icon turns orange or red
    which means "ESET requires your attention ASAP / Urgent (case red)" you can go and take a look to see what happens.

Hope this clarify your doubts. :)

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Hello PPQ and welcome. Regarding running ESS (AV program) and MBAM PRO/PREM (AM program) -no isues at all-I've been using them together (both on-demand and in real time) for a long time (just don't schedule them both to on-demand scan at the same time) please review the following for much more information:




Default settings are good.You can tweak some of them, but before doing that, I would take some time to become familar with ESS. You can do that by opening "help and support" from the main gui of ESS, open "help", then select "content". There you'll find the highlights to walk you through about everything. Should you have a specific question, check the index (in help), look on the ESET knowledgebase website (hxxp://support.eset.com/?locale=en_US) or post your question here.

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