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  1. How do I add LastPass to BPP (I already use it in Google Chrome)? Am using EIS When I try to add LastPass as an extension from the extensions list or go to the LastPass website in the BPP browser to add it, will get 'CRX_FILE_NOT_READABLE'." error message.
  2. I'm trying out Emsisoft Emergency Kit (EEK) right now as an on-demand scanner which uses BitDefender definitions. Are the BD definitions different from/better than ESET (ESS) definitions? Have also tried out HitmanPro, Zemana and some other on demand scanners. Do these other solutions have definitions that are better then ESET? Is there anything to be gained by trying to run a secondary, on-demand, malware solution along with ESET? If so, which one(s)?
  3. When I open Waterfox and Synchredible (a file sync program I use) a HIPS warning screen pops up asking what to do. The pop up says "An application (Waterfox) or (Synchredible) is trying to access the registry (AutoConfigURL) It asks to click on Allow or Deny with the following options: Ask every time Remember until application quits Create rule and remember permanently Why is this showing and what option should I choose?
  4. Kosd: Thanks for reporting this. I'm having similar and other problems with the Banking protection.Please give ESET a chance to investigate then fix it, and they will. Don't go to Norton or another malware solution. Since you've been with ESET for quite a long time you will soon find you wont be satisfied with any other protection and come back to ESET anyway (I speak from experience). A non-optimum installation of ESET is still better than a fully functioning version of any other vendor out there. Some of the problems with ESET (and many other quality, honorable software providers) lately stems from Microsoft stupidity and arrogance where companies like ESET have to wait and then react to to Microsoft foolishness and poor implementation of their updates.patches and "improvements".
  5. The problem is happening when using the regular (unsecured) Chrome browser and trying to log into my mega bank or local credit union. ESET BPP is set to launch secure browser for these banks. Chrome browser initiates the login and then the BPP kicks in and starts another login simultaneously giving two logins at the same time, then the error messages appear. The solution is to just open the ESET BPP browser, bypass the regular Chrome browser, and login from there for online banking. Haven't had any problems since proceeding this way.
  6. Thanks for the reply and info Marcos. I will try to contact customer care about this. I'm still wondering though how is Webroot able to have a secure (MRG-Effitas award winning) session without having to launch a new window?
  7. I'm really not liking the banking protection in ESS 9. The biggest thing I don't like about it is that a new secured browser window is opened (in Chrome) on top of the other Chrome windows that may already be opened. It makes for a confusing mess. Also, sometimes the secured banking window does not open (or is even offered) when I log into my mega bank (Chase). When the secured window does work there have been a good number of times I receive username/password error messages, or I have to receive a text from the bank so they will recognize my computer. Conversely/strangely, ESET banking protection seems to work reliably, for the most part, when I log into my small, local credit union, haven't had too many problems. I'd like to see ESET take a lesson from Webroot on this banking protection stuff. Webroot doesn't need to launch a separate new window for its banking protection to work, it protects from the get-go in the browser that is open/being used. They must know what they're doing because they received the prestigious MRG-Effitas award for banking protection. ESET, please go back to the drawing board and get rid of the new secured browser window/tab that needs to open and just copy how Webroot does it.
  8. I'm considering converting my wife's website over to WordPress but have been reading that WP sites are easy to hack/infiltrate. There is a company named Sucuri (https://sucuri.net/website-antivirus/)%C2'> makes an antivirus to protect WP websites. Is this website protection any good/a good idea? Does it cause website slowdown/downtime? Does anyone have an opinion on this? Is this something ESET could offer in the future? I would go with ESET over anyone else for security and protection.
  9. I am new to ESET, recently installed Smart Security 8 on two older PC's. Both are running Windows 10 Home, Office 2016 with Outlook for email. Right now, ESS is set at all defaults. Should I consider tweaking some settings such as scheduled or idle time scans, enable PUA detection, document protection, program updates, etc.? I am not a knowledgable power user and there are a lot of settings that can be modified. Are there any settings that can/should be changed from defaults (that won't cause problems or preformance hit) or is staying with all default settings good enough? Can I also run Malwarebytes Pro concurrently with ESS for an extra layer of protection?
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