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  1. I've contacted ESET by email, and they just give me a default answer to call them... I don't have a problem calling for the help, but their call center is only open the same hours that I work, and I'm not taking time off to buy something. I've tried all avenues to get support, without having to take time off work to call them, but ESET doesn't seem to care, after all i'm just one customer. Thanks for the help anyway Alvarez
  2. i don't think this is true. I run a laptop using ESET SS9, and had used it on my desktop that I upgraded, I had to re-use the licence key to install SS9 on my upgraded desktop (new HDD), and now it's time for me to renew my license and it shows that I'm using 3 licenses. I also can't renew my licence because ESET renewal won't recognize my licence key, even though it auto fills in the line... but that is all in another post. My confidence with ESET is diminishing quickly...
  3. I'm in Canada, my licence will expire in 8 days, and I can't renew because of what I said initially. I followed the path you said and I show no "ESET Public ID", do you maybe mean "Help and Support--->Details for Customer Care ---> License ID"?? I know my Username, License Key & password ,but the auto renewal won't recognize my Licence or Username. Also why would the guy from live chat tell me there are issues with the auto renewal, and you are suggesting otherwise?
  4. My ESET Smart Security 9 is about to expire and I can't renew it... I click the renew license link through the SS's main page and it sends me to my web browser which tells me "That username or license key is not recognized by our system " I contacted live support, and the guy tells me that there is an internal issue and to phone the support line. Your support line is only open Mon-Fri 8-4:30pm, I work the same hours, and I'm not taking time off to renew something that should be so simple! Should I just be buying a new antivirus program, or is this problem going to be resolved in the nex
  5. This is because you have Threshold 2 update installed and use an x64 browser which were not supported in 9.0.318. The solution is to temporarily use an x86 browser until v9.0.349 version is released in Slovak language (probably within 1-2 weeks). It will be first available as an installer on ESET's website while uPCU (automatic update) will be available later, probably by the beginning of next year. Thanks for the response, I was just frustrated in the beginning when I first installed SS9, all I needed to know is that it isn't an isolated issue with just me, Good to here you guys are o
  6. My Banking and Payment Protection isn't launching anymore. When I first installed SS9 it ran as intended, now it opens a small window quickly and then dissapears with out launching. When I first installed SS9 and first launched bank protection it told me to launch it using Internet Explorer instead of my default Edge browser, which I did and it worked just fine. Now I can't get Bank Protection to launch at all... I'm also having problems with SS9 not scanning my emails or for spam, I've had another post up for a week now, with zero help. What's up with ESET? I've been running with
  7. I'm having the same problem... but my wifes laptop is running it fine.
  8. Why can't I post? I have some legitimate questions that I'm looking for answers too. Can some Mod please aprove me... this is kind of rediculous I've been trying to get some answers for 2 days now and I can't post without mods approving me first.
  9. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and purchased SMart Security 9. I use Mail V 17.6416.42001.0, IMAP. The antispam doesn't seem to be working, I'm getting plenty of spam that I've avoided for years, and I don't even have the option to mark something as spam. Under the Protection Statistics for email client protection and email client antispam protection it shows that nothing is even being scanned, all objects equal 0. Do I have to enable antispam through an option somewhere? Is windows 10 Mail not supported? Please advise. I've tried re-installing ESET SS9 to see if it would h
  10. Hi, I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and ESET Smart Security 9. It appears that ESET isn't protecting me from spam or scanning my emails? Under Smart Security 9 "Protection Statistics"---> Email client protection, and Email client antispam protection, it shows that nothing has been scanned at all, and I'm getting hammered with all kinds of spam. I'm using Windows 10 mail v. 17.6416.42001.0, do I need to activate something? is this mail version not supported or something? Please advise, I haven't had to deal with spam for years until I upgraded to Smart Security 9.
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