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Hello all,


I am using ESET Antivirus version 8.0319.0 with all the latest updates running Windows 10. The problem I have had since even Windows 7 with this program is it seems to be blocking two major programs I need: iTunes (cannot connect to Store) and World of Warcraft (will not log onto the main game server and gives me an error too fast to see). I am not sure where to go on this program to make sure it does not block these two particular programs. Can anyone help please?




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  • ESET Moderators

Hello NutJobII,


Usually such problems are related to a firewall, but you are using ESET NOD32 Antivirus which does not contain a firewall.

What steps did you take to make sure it is our product that is blocking the communication?

Is it just these two applications that seem to be blocked?

Please see whether there is any change when you exclude these two applications from protocol filtering (in Setup > Enter Advanced setup > Web and email > Protocol filtering > Excluded applications).




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  • Administrators

To confirm or deny that protocol filtering is somehow involved, temporarily disable protocol filtering in the advanced setup. If it makes a difference, try excluding just the specific executables from protocol filtering as advised above.

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