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Operating Systems

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Since Microsoft has decided to dive off the deep end, It seems to me that  

ESET would be a company with the knowledge and resources to give

Microsoft some Operating System competition.

ReactOs has been an ongoing attempt at creating an OS for many years

and hasn't succeeded as yet. My guess is to many chiefs and not enough

Indians. Same problem as the Linux mess.

I simply can't see how businesses are going to function with the Windows

8 disaster.

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I would like to see it.

But if your happy with this Microsoft toy then what can I say.....

I see. :)


No I didn't say that I was "happy" with the way MS has changed and "improved" things lately, quite the opposite.

But then again I will not upgrade to Win8/8.1 when XP goes EOL, instead I will switch over to Mac OS X wich still looks and behaves like a desktop OS, and I like OSX just as much as XP.

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