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Use Windows notification system instead of your own

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Starting with Windows 8.x we had a notification center introduced. Now that Windows 10 invests a bit further in this it is looking out of place to have ESET Endpoint Antivirus use a custom pop-up framework that doesn't conform to the OS convention of the notification center. Please consider using the built-in notification system.

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Notification icon for windows 10 is missing


I goto Settings, notifications & apps...and set the parameters exactly like I do for the HMA! VPN application which runs in the background...the VPN app shows up in the hidden area of the notification bar (the way I like it to...)


But, the ESET icon does NOT


Any ideas on why?..or the step-by-step to get it to show up there?...I've been tweaking the settings for a couple of hours with no luck...


PS  (Note: When you click on the icon-description in the "Show notifications from these apps" area, a new list of options for 'that' app appears...I set them the same as for the VPN...)...even those parameters don't make the ESET icon appear...nothing I've tried here works...





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  • ESET Moderators



that should work, can you please answer the questions below to help us troubleshoot the issue?


Are you able to start the GUI if you run it from the Start menu?

Does it fix after the restart or not?

Can you see egui.exe process running in the task manager?

By a chance do haven't you set Silent GUI start mode ? (Advanced setup -> User interface -> User Interface elements -> Start mode: Silent)? 


Please enable diagnostics dump creation in Advanced setup -> Tools -> Diagnostics -> set dump type to "full" and check if dumps are being created in the diagnostics folder, after few days of using?



Regards, P.R.

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