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  1. Notification icon for windows 10 is missing I goto Settings, notifications & apps...and set the parameters exactly like I do for the HMA! VPN application which runs in the background...the VPN app shows up in the hidden area of the notification bar (the way I like it to...) But, the ESET icon does NOT Any ideas on why?..or the step-by-step to get it to show up there?...I've been tweaking the settings for a couple of hours with no luck... PS (Note: When you click on the icon-description in the "Show notifications from these apps" area, a new list of options for 'that' app appears...I set them the same as for the VPN...)...even those parameters don't make the ESET icon appear...nothing I've tried here works... Thanks
  2. ..."...not necessary to be concerned about them..." -- this statement does not assure me that my scanning configuration is adequate. ie...if I run a scan, and it shows 1900000 items scanned, and no threats found...it 'feels' good to know that ESET product is working... BUT...if I run a scan, and it shows 1900000 items scanned, and the LOG shows 99% files 'error opening'...then, I 'feel' like maybe I am NOT getting proper file scanning accomplished. You, the trained technician might know 'everything is ok...don't be concerned'...but me, the unknowledgeable end-user of ESET nod 32 Antivirus 9...I don't like seeing any 'error' messages... Please reassure me that my scan configuration is working.....(should I uncheck the box for MBR files??? etc...) Thanks
  3. I use veracrypt to decrypt my truecrypt drives. Yesterday, I ran veracrypt, and the dialog/box that came up was fully (99%) in some arabic scrollwork...NOT English so, I thought, after closing and reopening with same results, maybe I could 'remove' or 'uninstall' the program, then re-install? Right? Wrong...the uninstaller was in Arabic Not English either...so I didn't know what buttons to push on the dialog box... finally, I used the uninstall without tracing log feature, (Revo Uninstaller Pro) and it has been uninstalled...I have yet to download and re-install Veracrypt...but if this happened once...won't it happen again?... Q: Wow...this is a powerful way to destroy data in my system...how did this 'hack' or corruption take place with ESET running??? Please explain to me this. Thanks
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