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Managing ESET Endpoint 5.x users from ERA 6?

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Hi all,

I believe it's possible for ERA 6 to manage ESET 5.x users, judging by the documentation for ERA6.


I'd like to know if this is possible without having to make any changes on the 5.x clients. On a test machine running ERA5, I uninstalled ERA5 and installed ERA6. None of the ESET endpoint 5.x clients are reporting into the ERA6 server. If I deploy the management agent to the 5.x machines I can manage them, but for our production side this will be a problem, as we have clients in a bunch of sites around the world with dodgy internet, and communicating with them to get them to deploy the management agent will be an issue.


Any way of getting the 5.x clients to report in? Otherwise I'll need to run two servers in parallel until we can get everyone swapped over.

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i'am exactly on the same case, and yes we will have to manage two different machines, one for the old era v5 and one for the news era v6, during the time of the migration for all clients.

and be careful you can do nothing with era v6 on client v5, no management, no tasks...


The easiest way is to personnalise the era srcipt to deploy the agent silently and after it you can push install the v6 client.

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What I did was set up a completely separate server for V6, and created a live installer batch file. This was then distributed to all the users, or run manually via PSExec or TeamVewer. All our clients are now swapped over.


A couple of gotchas for you:


1) If you have a "settings password" on your v5 clients, the V6 "remove V5" task fails. No log, no diagnostics, just fail.

2) If you had put a client-protection password on your v5 clients, you then install the agent, and you move the computers into a group in ERA6 that also has a "settings password", and that password is different to the V5 client, when you come to uninstall the V5 client you'll need to enter the NEW password.


Item 2 caught us for a while. We did:


a) From ERA 5, send a "no settings password" config task to all the clients, making it easier to remove the client

b) From ERA 6, installed the agent to clients

c) Once the clients checked in, we moved them into appropriate groups. Note that the clients still had V5 at this point.

d) We then tried to remove the V5, entering what we were certain was the password. We even contacted support for an unlock code.

e) We then realised we needed to remove the V5 clients using the V6 password.




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why you remove the v5 before installing the v6 ?

when you push install the v6 on computer with v5 installed and agent, it just installs the V6 properly.

well i make some tests on lab about it, i have settings password on my client and no troubles updating V6 trough era with a software installation task.

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Your main problem is your bad connection lines.


In my company, I installed ERA6 on my server (replacing ERA5). I deployed the ERA6 agent to the clients in my Windows domain, even though they were running Endpoint V5 (both work together). Not all agent deployments worked (I have to send the updates by GPO/login script).

All clients running v5 with the agent installed, reported directly to my ERA6.


On clients with the agent, I could push the installation of Endpoint V6 that replaced V5 silently (reboot required of the client).

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