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  1. That didn't work with the cert that specified the server name, but it did work with the wildcard cert (just *) I've since gone back and edited the policy to use the wildcard, and it seems to be working now. Is there a known issue with using the hostname in the cert?
  2. We've been getting notices that our peer certificates were going to expire soon (next week), so today I created a new server cert, and a new agent cert, in ESMC. The server cert I assigned in server settings, rebooted the VM (windows PC), and that looks like it's working fine. Both used the built in ESET Cert authority, which is still valid for 5 years. The certs are setup for hostname eset.mydomain.com, I also tried just leaving them as *, but neither worked. For agent cert, duplicated our existing agent policy, and setup the change of certificate there. The existing agent pol
  3. Description: Support LDAP or RADIUS login for ESMC Administrators Detail: We'd love to see ESMC support the ability to login via LDAP or RADIUS, instead of just active directory and local users. We want to enable 2FA/MFA to protect ESMC, but trying to avoid the sprawl of apps needed on our phones, with every vendor pushing their own app for MFA. If LDAP or Radius were supported for logging into ESMC, it would open up the option for lots of other MFA services to work, like DUO.
  4. We recently renewed out ESET subscription for 2 more years (Endpoint Security 7). We pushed out the new license via ESMC. Of our roughly 600 computers, we have about 30 who are having an issue. On the clients, they get warnings their license is expired. Investigating further on the server, I see the same license ID listed twice, once with the old expiry date, once with the new one, see screenshot. Other clients who don't have the expiry warning don't show the old license, just the current one. How can I fix this? I tried just making a new task to assign the current license,
  5. Interesting Martin. I can't test this as the command I used above got all our computers fixed up. It was something odd as ESMC didn't see these clients as being unactivated (that dynamic group didn't show all these clients), but it also didn't show an assigned license for them.
  6. It's not a name resolution issue causing activation, the agents are reporting into ESMC fine. We're having issues both with clients internal to our office (on internal DNS) and remote clients (on public DNS). I just tried activating one of our problem machines again through ESMC, this one is a server running file security. Activation failed again. I see the attached error in the 'events' log on the client. If I manually activate on client using the key, it works. I also found a workaround, I found the ermm utility, and enabled that by policy. I then used it to push out our key t
  7. We have a handful of computers that refuse to activate, not sure why. The vast majority of our machines are activated fine, but we haven't found any pattern to the ones that won't. These were all machines activated on EES 6.5-6.6, and we upgraded them to v7. After upgrading, they report they are not activated on the client end. In ESMC, they do not show up in "non-activated security product" filter in computers. If I open the details of a computer that is affected, ESMC shows green checkmark and "everything is fine", however there is no license key attached to the client, see screenshot
  8. I did a bit more testing on my end. Tried restarting apache, did not help. Restarted ESMC service, agents reporting back in again. Will talk to support on Monday, should be broken again by then.
  9. Talked to ESET support today, they made a new agent check-in policy for every 20 minutes (we had it at 10), will see if it helps. Also earlier today when I generated the logs, I got the same "Deadline Exceeded", message jimmy reported for last synchronization.
  10. This issue has re-occured for us, many of our machines not reporting in Since Aug 30, but a bunch are still reporting in. Tried installing on a brand new computer and it's not reported in so far. Will open a case with ESET.
  11. I think I am having the same issue. About a week ago, I upgraded the ESET ERA 6 server to the new ESMC 7, that went fine, clients continued to check in. It was an in place upgrade on Windows server 2016. On Aug 24, I upgraded the agents on all my Windows servers and most of the workstations (both in office and remote), using the ESMC component upgrade tool. Didn't push any endpoint upgrades as of yet, just agent. Today I looked in ESMC, and I see only 1 of my servers is still reporting to ESMC, and less than half of my workstations reporting.. All the others stopped on Aug27, a
  12. I want to make a report to show me computer names, with device model# and serial#. I'm on ERA 6.5 (same issue was in 6.4). I create a new report template, select the serial#, model#, and computer name fields, and generate the report. No filters are specified. Each time I've tried this, I get no results. I've looked at individual computers, and they have serial# and model# fields populated. Anything obvious I can check that I may be missing?
  13. I'll add in we had the exact same errors on our system (different IP's obviously). Client machines were intermittently getting through to the Admin server (6.3.136). My own workstation for example last connected at 8:25am today, and it's now 3pm. The logs on my machine were full of the "Error: CReplicationManager: Replication (network) connection to 'host: "eset.mydomain.com" port: 2222' failed with: The connection will be closed due to timeout" The IP was resolving properly too. On the server side there were lots of errors like: Error: NetworkModule [Thread 9f4]: Container not found.
  14. Hi all, It seems on the newest Windows 10 official build (10586) with the current build of EES (6.2.2033), there is an issue with the network connection not working on the computer after installing EES, until a reboot. EES install completes ok, and network disconnects as normal when the firewall driver is installed, but it never comes back unless you reboot. EES also lists an error initializing the firewall. Once we reboot, all is well, but we can't push out this update if it's going to break everyones internet connection until reboot. We don't have many computers on Win10 or this build
  15. OK thanks. Is there any way to get the server to accept that alternate certificate as well? Like if I import it into trusted root on the server? Or will I also have to switch the server certificate in server settings (which would then block all the other users?)
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