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Antispam Setup options

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My client has an issue with spam continuing to make it past the anit-spam engine. Most spam that makes it through has a score of 50 and the following message:


"Non-specific spam indicator (100%)"


I searched the forums and found only one related topic: https://forum.eset.com/topic/3773-mails-with-images/


I don't believe my issue has anything to do with signatures like the original poster in the forum thread above, however, i made the same configuration change to see if that helps. I also blocked the domain for one of the most common offenders.


My question revolves around the setup options here:


Antispam Engine -> Setup -> Options -> Automatic Configuration


I couldn't find any documentation on what the various options are. Specifically, what is the difference between "Focused on minimizing FP" and "Focused on maximizing the success rate". Also, what does "FP" stand for?


Thank you.

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Hi tpeel,

The Automatic Configuration options that you are seeing are different profiles for the Anti-Spam. In the majority of cases, we always recommend the default setting, Automatic.

To answer your  question, FP stands for "False positive." For example "Focused on minimizing FP" will introduce less severe parameters so that the possibility that valid email is considered as spam is low, but at the same time it is probably that some spam is not being classified correctly. On the other hand, "Focused on maximizing the success rate" will introduce more restrictive parameters where more spam will be captured (with the risk that more valid emails could be considered as a spam, FP).

Best Regards,

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