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  1. Hello rekun, Version 6 of the ESET business suite (Antivirus and Remote Console) completely changed the way they communicate with each other. If you are using an environment with the ESET Remote Administrator v6, you will have to install both the ESET Agent and the Antivirus. Then, you have to send a task to the agent to activate your ESET product. It is this new activation process that makes creating a single standalone install package (Agent + AV) not possible. We are definitely listening to our client feedback and always looking for better methods for deployment. However, at the moment, the easiest method for agent deployment is creating the ERA Live Installer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How do I deploy the ESET Remote Administrator Agent? hxxp://kb.eset.com/zap/SOLN3595 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Best, David
  2. Hi tpeel, The Automatic Configuration options that you are seeing are different profiles for the Anti-Spam. In the majority of cases, we always recommend the default setting, Automatic. To answer your question, FP stands for "False positive." For example "Focused on minimizing FP" will introduce less severe parameters so that the possibility that valid email is considered as spam is low, but at the same time it is probably that some spam is not being classified correctly. On the other hand, "Focused on maximizing the success rate" will introduce more restrictive parameters where more spam will be captured (with the risk that more valid emails could be considered as a spam, FP). Best Regards, David
  3. Hello WayneISC, Welcome to ESET's Forums. Currently, the error that you are seeing with the blank line is a known issue, and I have notified the development team to make the process more streamlined. In regards to the RD Sensor and Active Directory Sync problems, I recommend contacting ESET's Business Support Customer Care to start a case and to help you resolve the issue. Our contact information can be found in the link below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ hxxp://www.eset.com/us/about/contact/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We look forward to hearing from you, David
  4. Hello Anthony, Yes, you can change the directory of the Storage folders which includes the ScanLog_Details folder. This folder contains data required for the different types of reports. For example, the ScanLog_Details folder contains information about the various scans (found in the Scan Logs Tab on the bottom) that were performed. To change the directory, open your ESET Remote Administrator -> Tools -> Server Options -> 'Advanced' Tab -> Edit Advanced Settings -> Expand 'Remote Administrator' -> ERA Server -> Settings -> General -> Storage Folder -> Change the value to the new directory (Example: D:\). Click on Console to save and exit to the console. Finally, restart the ESET Remote Administrator Server service. David
  5. Hi Browned, ERA6 does not have support for "dynamic" grouping based on Active Directory Organizational Units. You can however perform AD synchronization by running the Static Group Synchronization server task. "The Static Group Synchronization task will search your network (Active Directory, Mac open Directory, LDAP, local network) for computers and put them into a static group." Here is a link to get you started: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Please refer to page #235 for more information about Active Directory Static Group Synchronization hxxp://download.eset.com/manuals/eset_era_6_userguide_enu.pdf -------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Hello mfichera, Unfortunately at this moment, it is not possible to set a notification for clients that have not performed a scan in X number of days. ESET Remote Administrator v6 which is slated to be released soon may include this feature. Thank you for choosing ESET. DavidH
  7. Hello soshisone, Win32/Kryptik.CKQZ is malware detected by our heuristic (behavior) detection, so it can be any threat. In situations like this, I would highly recommend referring to the our removal guide below, following each step closely. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My computer has a virus—what should I do? (Preliminary malware troubleshooting) hxxp://kb.eset.com/zap/SOLN2505 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Feel free to ask any additional questions that you may have. Best, David
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