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  1. I was just about to add a reply. I have solved it myself. And you were right, @Rami! I restarted the computer and the problem was solved. Thank you.
  2. I am getting this error: In Setup > Advanced setup > DETECTION ENGINE > AMSI : AMSI is enabled. There was another thread here but it does not apply to me (I believe that person had AMSI disabled).
  3. Not sure this is the same, @Marcos. This thread is about taskhostw.exe and your thread is about devicecensus.exe, no?
  4. I was under the impression it was related to this file. I might be wrong. Sorry.
  5. Can y'all check for a file called taskhostw.exe If you have it this may be the culprit...
  6. Everyday I get a notification saying taskhostw.exe wants to access my webcam. I block it but it comes back every day. Is taskhostw.exe safe or not?
  7. You clearly didn't read the links. Do you at least agree with me on that?
  8. A client of mine had a problem but I was able to solve it myself. I will share this in case someone has the same problem. When his Mac is turned on for several days his ESET Cyber Security disappeared from time to time. He claims he had to download and install it again. However, after digging a little deeper I found the reason why: drwxr-xr-x 3 root wheel 102 Nov 10 2016 AVG Cleaner.app drwxr-xr-x@ 5 root admin 170 Apr 29 18:54 Intego He had another antivirus (Intego). I asked him to uninstall it. Problem solved. It's never a good idea to have more than one antivirus. This will always cause problems.
  9. Perfect solution: use Firefox. Seriously: Google is asking you to remove your AV and you're gonna do it? LMAO And then your gonna blame ESET? ROFLMAO Please read Marcos's posts and especially the links. It's. Not. ESET's. Fault. Still blaming ESET? You didn't read it or you didn't understand it.
  10. See here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51623474/delphi-10-2-3-hangs-when-starting-with-debugging-a-32-bit-application/51631582 Two solutions are proposed: 1. I have added the BDS.exe directory to be excluded from real time file system protection. Seems to be fine now. 2. The only workaround I've found was to define the affinity of the BDS.exe process. You can do this by right clicking the bds.exe process in the Details tab of the Task Manager and Define affinity but it will only define it for the current run. You can define affinity definitively by running BDS through the command line. Here is my shortcut : C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C START /affinity 1 bds.exe Do any of these work?
  11. 1. Please check whether you have input the correct credentials, as the error code signifies you are not. 2. Please make sure you are entering the correct password. Are there any special characters in your password such as "<"? 3. Please make sure there is no trailing space in your email address (e.g. "name@email.com " instead of "name@email.com", so with no space directly behind it). 4. Is your internet connection working properly? The issue is partially connected to slower or interrupted connection causing timeouts. Please try again while you are on wi-fi. 5. If the above steps fail please create a support ticket from within the ESET Mobile Security app. It will send the logs of your phone to ESET so that they can inspect them.