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Browser traffic become slow after installing safetica agent

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Guest SFI

After installing Safetica agent on my workstations it seems it puts self cert on the browsers (with name of the workstation) but because I have SSL/TLS deep inspection on my UTM it makes the traffic very slow on browsers, but after removing Safetica agent everything goes back to normal.
Could you please help what should I do

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Please raise a support ticket since this is an ESET forum and Safetica was developed by another company.

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Guest SFI

I thought Safetica is owned by ESET and because Safetica haven't any forum I posted here.
Thank you for your response.

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1 hour ago, Guest SFI said:

I thought Safetica is owned

No, it's a separate company: https://www.safetica.com/company-profile . It does collaborate with Eset on security issues via Eset Technical Alliance.

You can create a support request to Safetica here: https://support.safetica.com/en/knowledge-base/kb-tickets/new .

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