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High latency while playing WoW: WotLK

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So after years of using Norton antivirus I jumped back to using Eset since I saw a video advertising it's low impact on system during gaming + I was fed up with Norton subscrition prices.

I got a new laptop + bought Eset Essential (the cheapest option)


But I noticed that during my gaming sessions - playing WoW: WotLK my latency spikes to 100ms+ ...

I play WoW for 15y+ out of which 10y+ I play on my current Wi-Fi settings and I never had more then 20ms latency before.


So either is something wrong with my new laptop Wi-fi settings (I have this laptop for 1 week now) or is it Eset that spikes my latency?

How can I find out?



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Lol so I checked Eset settings and for some reason my networks was changed to "Name 2" ... the old one was "Name" - basically it just added "2" to it and it was untrusted network? :D

How can Eset do that? :D

I clicked to set it to Private/home 

I run https://speed.cloudflare.com/ and all works OK now ... 

Like WTF? :D

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