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  1. Nope! I have just remotely uninstalled Support Assist, installed ESET again - and I have boot loop (single BSOD today on logout until that time). The machine is in remote location so cannot troubleshot at the moment until an user comes back,,, Still no solution.
  2. This is really interesting idea - all the previous problems were near-SupportAssist related (few BSODs while testing). Interestingly it happens on new CPU-s mainly, 13-th Intel generation. Will give it a try.
  3. ESET - is there any written solution to SE Linux problem while Rocky 9.3 -> 9.4 upgrade instead of redoing virtual appliance? Version FIXED: Server crash during periods of high load, related to a crash in the MySQL ODBC driver [solved] FIXED: Issues with upgrading ESET PROTECT On-Prem Virtual Appliance caused by SELinux rules [no information]
  4. @Marcos - you are using outdated information. I have written already it may be related to Windows Defender... BSOD happened without ESET onboard...
  5. Latest dbglog attached. It has something to do with MsMpEng.exe proces (Windows Defender).Windbg.txt
  6. @Conrad71 - I have exactly the same symptoms. Even BIOS update to 1.14 didn't help. Right now full updated OptiPlex 7010 SFF with no ESET rebooted today's morning. For all 120 Dell PC I have in my infrastructure only 3 x 7010 and 1 x 5090 behaves bad this way, so it isn't related to ESET I suspect... Will share my further observations. Thanks.
  7. Will send you soon - now ultimate testing phase: ESET agent left, antivirus uninstalled (working on Windows Defender). Will let you know.
  8. Unfortunately, I was wrong... It was working for a day and since today's morning it all comes back to us. Fresh windbg short report attached. I am testing right now another option for this specific devices - BIOS update to 1.14 from 2 days back. Will get back to you and let you know after some test period. dbg-log.txt EDIT: Anything deeper, like BIOS update, disk firmware update, some program install - makes BSOD. This Antistealth module must be in conflict with Windows 11 PRO (even with latest Windows Update) on this specific Dell device. I've got more computers which are working fine...
  9. Guys, I think yesterdays Windows Update resolves the problem. In my case I've had 3 of such Dell as in OP post and it helped. All of them work stable since that moment. Give it a try and then test.
  10. @Marcos - maybe some info regarding SLinux repair (we got ODBC) instead upgrading VM to .1?
  11. I don't have any problem because @Donatas warned us before system upgrade. I think you, ESET, should address this issues ASAP as we are not the only ones with Rocky onboard.
  12. Looks like this Rocky distribution is not fully tested before releasing the newest ERA VM. ESET, please give us an advise on this case. Thanks.
  13. Small correction to your post: after this exclude in Rocky 9 you've got an error: yum update Config error: Parsing file "/etc/dnf/dnf.conf" failed: Parsing file '/etc/dnf/dnf.conf' failed: IniParser: Missing '=' at line 9 it should be with "=" like: exclude = mysql-connector-odbc*
  14. I had to restore my VM from the previous day and now it looks like before upgrade - problematic driver is red-marked.
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