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  1. I think it was even 4.5 then upgrade, upgrade and so on - and here I am with version 7. I never touched these templates so back early ages there was no Polish so I assume only those missing were added with Polish. Now I would like to have all of them in Polish without editing each one of them and I can take it from another fully Polish installation. Where should I take it from - database or file?
  2. I have the same problem, never edited report and cannot find machines with 10GB of RAM (2 x 4 + 2 x 1) and have only a few with 16GB of RAM (not all of them). When I click on details (TOTAL MEMORY) for 4GB of RAM, it show 4 x 4GB RAM modules for my Windows Server 2012 which is correct but this server should be in 16GB of RAM group, not 4.
  3. @katycomputersystems - I agree. It should be more intelligent and programmable than sitting with ESMC console and looking for stations without agent, re-apply ESMC components update, fail and all over again. The same with product installation. I have 70 workstations and I am unable to upgrade them with one klick and wait for results. There is another problem - machine restart which is required to install ESET products. Some of my users use computers all the time without reboot what makes impossible to upgrade ESET so there should be an option to remind them or even make them to reboot after some time (not shutdown-start combination). I've had a lot of work with this upgrade - anyway it's coming to the end what makes me satisfied.
  4. Please, have a look at attached picture. Red square brackets (some) are English text messages while other are Polish. I have a few other installations where all of it is Polish so I could export it from databse if it's there or from another place to import it here. It's my oldest installation where it was English language only and with time going on some new templates were added corresponding to my install language settings. Now I would love to have them all in Polish without teh need of editing every one of them. So my goal is to overwrite all messages with default templates of the language I use cause I never needed to modify them. Best, Bam
  5. Is there an option to reset e-mail templates to your own language? I have started updating ERA since version 4 and English it is still there mixed with Polish. How to?
  6. It has nothing to do with my idea - one doesn't exclude another. When there is a problem reported with agent it can right away be reflected in a dynamic group.
  7. It's clear to me now. Thanks for the info. Anyway - I always thought it would be much simpler to use database which is already fullfilled with computers' data and therefore this could present information right away and eventually change itself after the agent's next contact. The goal is the same but result is offhand and also dynamic as expected. Could you please consider changing dynamic grups behaviour? Thanks. Best, Bam.
  8. Unfortunately the result of this expression run on group of all machnes is null. Of course I have added this dynamic group template to a newly created dynamic group. How long should I wait for populating this dynamic group with computer names? EDIT1: BTW - the other dynamic group is also empty (outdated modules). EDIT2: OK, it started populating. It looks like it does not make select on database but waits for agent connection.
  9. How to select all outdated agents and run upgrade task on these machines only?
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