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  1. I just facing another problem, we have created a policy that applies to all managed PCs, since the Update to Version 7, it states that the Product for this policy is not installed. Please see attached screenshot. Dont know what is causing this problem...
  2. confirmed ! thank you for your support ! both is working as expected, Agent is shown as outdated and component upgrade task updates to Ver. 7
  3. Thanks for the response, is there a time frame when i can try it again or do you drop a quick Post here ?
  4. I have the same issue, @MartinK posted in another thread, that they need to reconfigure the repository Server , so that component upgrade also works. EDIT: correct client cant be update over component upgrade task..-> see @sdnian post
  5. ohhh ok i see...so if i recreate the upgrade components and software install Tasks it will use the v7 correct ?
  6. Thank you for your fast reply. please see attached screenshots, all should be fine. Sorry translation is missing, for my next post i will switch the console to english ^^ second screenshot states "Repository connected" and "UpdateServer connected"
  7. We updated our Server yesterday to v7, the process of manual update is flawless and worked well i just got two points: - first the translation to German has a small hickup :) It says at the Agent correctly "Neueste Version" (newest Version) but at the Client it says "neues Fenster" what would be translated to "new window", i dont think this is correct :) - the second point and the bigger thing for me is, it says for the Agent it is the newest Version, but it actually isnt it should be Version 7 after the manual update (running the Serverx64.msi) of the Server i also did afterwards a Component upgrade task but alos on the Server it still says the Agent 6.5 is the newest Version Could you point me in the right direction, i think iam missing something thanks in advance
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