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new ransomeware silolopi736@gmail.com

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anyone can help us this guys asking more money 


here is sample file download if need more something help me to resolve this issue and save world with they bad peoples hope  for best 


file type extension : SiteMGMT_log.ldf_[*****@*****.tld].NQY



All Your Files Are Locked And Important Data Downloaded !

Your Files Are No Longer Accessible Don't Waste Your Time, Without Our Decryption Program Nobody Can't Help You .

If Payment Isn't Made After A While We Will Sell OR Publish Some Of Your Data . You Don't Have Much Time!

Your ID : DC3AF

If You Want To Restore Them Email Us : silolopi736@gmail.com

If You Do Not Receive A Response Within 24 Hours, Send A Message To Our Telegram , ID : @silolopi736

To Decrypt Your Files You Need Buy Our Special Decrypter In Bitcoin .

Every Day The Delay Increases The Price !! The Decryption Price Depends On How Fast You Write To Us Email.

We Deliver The Decryptor Immediately After Payment , Please Write Your System ID In The Subject Of Your E-mail.

What is the guarantee !

Before Payment You Can Send Some Files For Decryption Test.

If We Do Not Fulfill Our Obligations, No One Does Business With Us , Our Reputation Is Important To Us 
It's Just Business To Get Benefits.


Attention !

Do Not Rename,Modify Encrypted Files .

Do Not Try To Recover Files With Free Decryptors Or Third-Party Programs And Antivirus Solutions Because 

It May Make Decryption Harder Or Destroy Your Files Forever !


Buy Bitcoin !



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It appears to be Win32/Filecoder.ONB. Unfortunately decryption is not currently possible.

I'm gonna drop you a personal message with instructions for collecting logs.

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thanks brother really helpfull if something clue i can get up those data for my client 

if need more file or something i can give rdp access also if somehting can helpfull i have taken backup   as well 

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and also give me other forums also we spread this becuase we stop worldwide this  headache really 


 this way is too dangerous people harasing its too pain full really  this i feel like murder kill to people  :)


so we save many people and spread this to globally really 


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