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Device Control not working right or is bugging


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Good morning,

we have currently two problems with ESET Endpoint Antivirus in combination with ESET PROTECT Management Server. 

Our customer has a policy with Device Control for all their Windows clients. The policy does not allow CD/DVD. Phones and USB-Devices are also not allowed except devices with specific serial number. This policy is on every device. We tested it on one device.


Our first problem is that, when we slide in a music CD, the client starts playing the CD but in the right corner ESET is saying "CD/DVD blocked". The music player is open and music starts playing.



The second problem is with a allowed phone connecting to a client via USB. If we plug in the phone the first time it works, but if we reconnect the phone once or twice, ESET blocks the device. If we wait like 2 minutes and try it again, it works normally. Reconnecting the same phone more than once or twice (not sure atm) at the same device blocks the device for short time at the client. I don't know if this is a security feature or not.


Thanks in advance.


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On 1/11/2024 at 4:45 PM, kapela86 said:

@Cody_Klamann Hi, I just wanted to know if you resolved this? We're going to use device control in the same manner as you to block optical disks, usb disks and phones.

we had test device control years ago. eset design seems like put a "No Entry Sign" at the road.  if the program notice it and obey it then the rule will work. for example if eset block usb device, windows file manager will obey it, but some iso burning tools still can write to usb drive. there are other similar control software which can "block the road". I don't know if Eset can catch up and do better device control in the future.

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