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There is an unknown email in the context "license owner email" in my ESET home account!

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Dear Marcos,

Season's greetings!

From previous years, I normally purchase an ESET product in a mall here in the Philippines but there are no available stocks this year, so I have purchased an ESET Internet Security thru an unknown online store who sells ESET products (Shopee.com) on Dec 22,2023. The product key was sent to my email address.
I have successfully activated the product in my laptop, but I have trouble activating it to other 2 devices because the seller insisted that the product key is for 3 devices. After 24 hours of exploring the new license, I noticed that the "Subscription owner email (in my ESET Home) is different, and I don't recognize this email.

The product works as normal as it seems, but I'm concerned about this unrecognized email address. Is it safe to still continue using this product? Can the owner of this product see my online activities, or can he/she hack my device and personal info?

Below are the details:

Subscription: ESET Internet Security
Type: Paid
Validity: 11/03/2026
Public ID: 3A9-D5V-69F
Subscription owner email:  stechsolution90@gmail.com


Thank you so much for your help. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!!

P.S. Please do not post the content of this email.


Edited by Marcos
License key removed
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I've removed the license key so that there's no sensitive or confidential information.

The license is one of several overused licenses that the person has sold to numerous people. As a result, activation won't work for those who attempt to use such license or there's a problem adding it to ESET HOME even if not overused yet.

Please ask for a refund and purchase a license from an authorized ESET distributor or reseller via https://www.eset.com. If you purchase a license from an unauthorized seller, e.g. at an online marketplace where anybody can sell goods, you risk that you can fall victim to scam.

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