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New Insallation of Cloud Office - Auto-protected Users


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We have a new installation of Cloud Security and have just added our tenant.

In the users list all users are marked Unprotected and have to be set to Protect manaully - how do we configure this to switch to Auto-Protect?

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @MDE, if you enable protection for the entire tenant or a group, it will automatically protect new users added to that tenant or the group.

To do this, please navigate to License Management page from the side menu, pick a site with available licenses and click on it, then on the next screen you will see button saying "Protect" which when clicked will pop up a dialog where you will see the list of tenants and groups. You can check the tenant or a group you want to auto-protect and then click on "Protect" and the auto-protection is going to activate.

I hope this helps.

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