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Can not download product on mirror tool for repository

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Hi everyone,

I've created repository via Mirror tool with the filter file below :



But in the log, the product "ESET Endpoint Antivirus" with  version "9.1.2063.0" is alert " because it was filtered out" and after finished, this product is not available.


So was i mistake with the filter.txt config ? i've just need to create repository for offline environment with the product EEA version 9.1.2063.0


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2 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Could you try removing the equal sign? Ie. use:
"version": "9.1.2063.0"

I want to download this version of product EEA via mirror tool.

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I thought the "name" was supposed to be something like "com.eset.apps.business.eea".  I didn't know I could use just the Product name. 

Also, are you certain it is the first one?  Here's something you can do.  You can clear out all the products except the first one, run the mirror tool.  If it doesn't choke, continue adding until it does.   This is how I found out my problem with the filter file.



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According to the file <filter.txt> you need to download ESET Endpoint Antivitus version 9.1.2063.0 in en_US language.
The log file entries you have shown are for language zh_TW which is not present in the filter file.

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