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  1. @nme.one 6.5 need to be load correctly before trying to uninstall it. In my case i change system date to 7.2, restart machine (6.5 loads correctly, with no attentions), install 6.6 on 6.5, change system date to today, restart machine. That works.
  2. @mcrouse in my case system date must be 7.2 or before, so it can 6.5 load correct and uninstall correctly. For installing another version system date must be today. If you are installing 6.6 or 7.x on 6.5, then the date must be 7.2 or earlier during installation, to be able to properly uninstall 6.5. You can then change the date to today before restart.
  3. I have some Windows XP clients and I started upgrading with 6.6.2089.2. Its not officially supported for Windows Xp, but I can confirm that 6.6.2089.2 works fine on Windows XP SP3 ( i have only 32-bit version of that Windows). Hope this helps 🍺
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