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hello everyone,

I have a comment....    I just renewed my licence (one of them), and they/you are offering  or advertising "BackBlaze" for computer backups.   Nice,   but it's secured by NORTON,   yuk!!!


If you guys did your own I would love it.   No thanks to Norton though.


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Hello Charli


I have to agree halfway, Yes Norton is unfortunate, and if you have ever met the guy, he is not the professional type.

If i had to choose a 3rd party for ESET i would choose SOS online backup, which is the same one Malwarebytes uses. I currently have a yearly subscription.

However i do have to state that Norton has an awesome research team, and their business, and enterprise areas of Norton are top notch.

Altiris is a very good deployment and management software, Norton security software usually catches majority of threats.


The side of Norton i am not to fond of is their home products and related.


ESET usually benefits more with 3rd party and partnerships, so if they develop their own backup software, and build their own data center for hosting, it will be long long into the future before that happens, because they concentrate most of their efforts on their software, security research, and support, rather than adding additional software and resources onto their plate.



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I didn't knew about Backblaze before but I couldn't find any information what Backblaze has to do with Norton.

Blackbase is (according to the Wikipedia article) developed by Backblaze Inc...


So what has Backbaze to do with Norton?

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  • ESET Moderators

As far I know (and I perhaps know a little), Backblaze uses a Norton SSL certificate on their purchasing page (i.e., those "protected by xyz" statements on checkout), and this is the extent of the relationship. 

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