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Mirror tool repo updates and versions updated


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I regularly run the mirrortool to update the repo and I have the following in the filter file:


        "app_id": "com.eset.apps.business.eea.windows",
        "version": ">9.1.2063.1"


So in theory, it should download all versions > 9.1.2063. 

I just attempted to install Endpoint AV using the context menu option (which was pointing to the 10.1.2058.1).  But that task failed because that folder (v10/10.1.2058.1).   I only have 10.0.2045.0, 10.1.2046.0, 10.1.2050.0.   

Where does the 10.1.2058.1 option come from?    This isn't the only file that's missing.  I'm guessing that 10.1.2058.1 is a 'non-regular' option?

Thanks for the clarification.



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I just ran the mirror repo again and I still have only 10.0.2045.0, 10.1.2046.0 and 10.1.2050.0.  Looking at the download page, 10.1.2058.0 is the latest version.   Can someone point out what I might be missing?


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Please raise a support ticket so that the query is tracked. Most likely it has something to do with ACS support which is required to install v10.1.2058 and newer.

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