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After installing SSP I can no longer use my Brother scanner.

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I have a Brother ADS2700W sheetfed scanner, connected via USB to my computer.
It has worked fine for a number of years. 

After installing SSP.

I have found out how I can allow the device.
When the scanner is connected a window pops up from "Device guard(?)" saying that the scanner has connected, and it has been allowed.

Still when I press "Scan to Computer" which is how I have usually used it the device says it cannot connect to the PC.
When I try to use Brothers scan tool it finds the scanner, it can read the serial etc, but it cannot scan. 

When I try to use the built in "Windows scan" it actually runs the paper through the scanner but hten says something went
wrong and no picture appears.

 I have tried uninstalling the drivers and software, and reinstalling them without any difference.

Could this be a problem based on the scanner can be seen as a scanner and as usb storage?

Anything I can try? (not involving reinstalling Windows 11)

Eset Smart Security Premium on 
OS Version, Microsoft Windows 11 Pro (64-bit, x64), 10.0.22621.2428

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