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My eset email account change (stolen)


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How do i fix this, recently im reinstall my windows, after install eset and try to access home.esset, its shown my email has been change, how i fix this.


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The ESET HOME email address cannot be changes without knowing the ESET HOME password:


I assume that the password was either weak, easy to guess or an adversary got hold of it using a keylogger, e.g. if you logged into ESET HOME on a public machine.

Obviously you were able to log in so the password was not changed by an adversary which is weird; it's the first thing that adversaries do to prevent losing access to the account. Since you know the password, you should be able to change the email address. Afterwards we recommend activating 2FA to prevent unauthorized persons from logging into your account with the password.


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i login using google account, when it had login to home, its appear the email i dont know, and when i choose change password or change email, all password im put is incorect, even if i wanna delete this account, its need password


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