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bridge not working ....

sanjay mehta

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installed bridge on a win 10 PC, using standalone installer, few days back. applied bridge policy. checked client PCs, and all computers were able to connect through the proxy. this bridge works fine till now.

installed another bridge for another department yesterday on a similar win 10 PC. the installation was successful, bridge policy was applied. but client PCs not able to connect to proxy. only by disabling the firewall of eset endpoint on the bridge computer, the client was able to find the proxy.

what exactly is needed to be allowed in eset endpoint firewall to let the bridge work as proxy ? what app/service/port/protocol/direction ?

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also please note that since yesterday, when i tried creating a firewall rule & tried to set the precedence of the created rule over pre-existing rules, the cloud sw throws up error (SS attached)


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