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  1. when the OS is win7, we hv endpoint ver 6.5 or 6.6 installed, not the latest version 7.3. the problem obviously is with the current agent not able to upgrade any previous version of agent properly. this is frustrating. how do i uninstall the previous version of agents in all the machines ? esmc works to install or uninstall sw only on connected machines. server task to deploy agent fails as explained above. even running AIO with latest ver of agent & 6.6 ver of endpoint (for win7) fails. considering the need to manually uninstall all sw, use safemode utility eset uninstaller, if normal uninstall fails in older machines, which it often does, restart, apply windows patches, then run the AIO installer with older endpoint 6.6. all this hugely increases the time to deploy sw on existing win7 machines.
  2. trying to install agent through the esmc server as a server task. the esmc server is the latest version available as appliance for hyper v. client machines have windows 7 or 10 generally, the clients have previous version of agent (not removed) connecting to some other remote administrator server (which is now removed from network), so now the need is to connect to the new esmc server. in some case i get the report that the task is executed successfully but on client same old version of agent shows & does not connect to new esmc server. so i manually uninstall the agent & then run the task on server again, shows up some error, but agent is actually installed and client connects to server also. lastly i tried pushing it to a windows 10 client with the previous version of agent uninstalled, the error report is attached. all this is so unpredictable and weird. surprised why the esmc server should still have so many issues. Agent Deployment tasks information in last 30 days.pdf
  3. few suggestions : 1. description : download of all in one installer files should run in the background, and allow user to attend other tasks. detail : once the AIO installer file download is started, often it takes up long time & warns about not closing the window otherwise the download is aborted. instead let the user start the download and close the window. the download shd proceed as background process. 2. description : rename the downloaded AIO installer as per the given name to the installer instead of the generic name like ESMC_Installer_x64_en_US. optionally you can give the option to rename the files based on ver of agent & security file selected.
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