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  1. i would personally be more inclined to have debian as the base, but eset would know better.
  2. just curious to know what happens to eset protect VA. will it continue to be based on centos ? can we trust the centos updates to be applied to the VA ?
  3. when the OS is win7, we hv endpoint ver 6.5 or 6.6 installed, not the latest version 7.3. the problem obviously is with the current agent not able to upgrade any previous version of agent properly. this is frustrating. how do i uninstall the previous version of agents in all the machines ? esmc works to install or uninstall sw only on connected machines. server task to deploy agent fails as explained above. even running AIO with latest ver of agent & 6.6 ver of endpoint (for win7) fails. considering the need to manually uninstall all sw, use safemode utility eset uninstaller
  4. trying to install agent through the esmc server as a server task. the esmc server is the latest version available as appliance for hyper v. client machines have windows 7 or 10 generally, the clients have previous version of agent (not removed) connecting to some other remote administrator server (which is now removed from network), so now the need is to connect to the new esmc server. in some case i get the report that the task is executed successfully but on client same old version of agent shows & does not connect to new esmc server. so i manually uninstall the
  5. few suggestions : 1. description : download of all in one installer files should run in the background, and allow user to attend other tasks. detail : once the AIO installer file download is started, often it takes up long time & warns about not closing the window otherwise the download is aborted. instead let the user start the download and close the window. the download shd proceed as background process. 2. description : rename the downloaded AIO installer as per the given name to the installer instead of the generic name like ESMC_Installer_x64_en_US. optionall
  6. simply backing up & restoring the database may not work, because the installation calls for configuring while installing. may not match with the database/name/machine/IP/proxy/license/certificate. we need a utility that walks the user through each step, or takes care of the config job by itself, ensuring the final installed server replaces the old server and all client machines connect & start reporting to the RAS.
  7. one of my client using eset on 200 PCs with ERAS badly infected by jaff ransomware. the infection was noticed on a NAS drive which was shared as a drive on few PCs. today all the PCs having the NAS disk drive as a share are down. eset is installed on all computers. matter urgent & very serious. any help will be appreciated.
  8. import / export of config files exists in sw GUI in the setup tab, as it used to in previous versions. how is use of ecmd.exe different to this ?
  9. exporting a policy as configuration may not help completely, because a single PC may have a set of different policies applied at the same time. the need is to export the sum of all policies applicable on any computer, which is the config for that PC.
  10. thanks @Shaival guess, now i have enough info.
  11. thanks @bbahes and @Marcos for the info. but can i have a point wise listing of all the main points as to why and how upgrading from v5 to v6 helps ? point wise listing makes the info easy to grasp.
  12. interested to know specifically what are the key benefits of migrating from v5 era to v6. tried searching the site, but could not find any document. would like to know what are the key differences technology wise, and how & what all benefits ensues by migration from v5 to v6. can anybody help ? get this question very frequently.
  13. need to understand this in more details before it sinks in . shall revert in some time.
  14. @Gonzalo there exists an option to import & export settings on the software, which is still useful for installations without era or which don't have access to era. @MichalJ that's the way it is expected to be & should be.
  15. enforcing a policy dynamically is not an option, because the user leaves the network for good & is not going to return immediately. one cannot apply restrictions for connected computers & remove the restrictions if they are not connected. would it not be dangerous ? my discussion is limited to computer that is removed permanently from the network. agree that removing the agent must unblock all the settings. seems logical. that is how it should be.
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