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OS X upgrades consume two licenses

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I posted over in the licensing forum hoping to get some input, but it's pretty dead over there.

We're in the process up upgrading our OS X AV from v6 to v7. The problem we're encountering is that once upgraded, the client holds the v6 license activation as well as a v7 activation and license. So each upgraded client consumes two licenses. We have now run out of licenses before we're halfway through the upgrade.

I'm guessing my only non-manual option is to temporarily set the license management deactivation period to deactivate after 3 days or so.

Is this the best option? Any issues with such a short time frame? And is this a known issue with OS X? Our Windows clients don't seem to have this issue.

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For clarity, here is a screenshot showing one client consuming two licenses, one for 6.11 which is no longer installed due to the upgrade, and one for 7.2 which is currently installed:


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Is it possible to force a sync under the Business Account? I've set the deactivation time to 3 months but still have systems not connected over 90 days.

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In case anyone is following this, support was able to reproduce the issue and it is currently being investigated by developers.

This will impact anyone who is short on licenses when upgrading OS X clients.

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