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ESET to check Bitlocker status

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Our request is we have 300+ laptops, and we have deployed ESET agents on them using ESET Protect. We have combination of Windows and Apple laptops.

Now we would like to verify if all endpoints have Bitlocker/FileVault installed? if not which ones? We aren't using ESET FDE, hence we need to rely and confirm the installation of the above. Kindly let me know if that's even possible using ESET Agents?


We would also like to know if ESET can be used to check if the endpoint is password protected (boot/startup)? is it possible using ESET Agent and Console Client Tasks?

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in continuation to the above, I managed to run the command "Manage-bde -status c : \  -p" on a remote systems using Tasks/Run Command, and the task status came back as successful, but I can't see the output of the command to verify if the command was a success and the outcome was as expected.

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The run command is a fire and forget command and will not show any output and It does not execute in the user context. But in your case you could add the following to your command to create an output file with the computername in the filename:

manage-bde -status > c:\manage-bde-%computername%.txt 


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Thanks @srvdberg. However this solution isn't practical when you have 300 plus endpoints. How am I going to review all 300 laptops output files?

One more way I found was through SysInspector Report. Which helped but again its a manual task to go through all Reports and find which is complaint and which isn't.




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