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windows 10 test

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Thank you for ESET.

I on another HD have windows 7 pro 64-bit installed.

On that OS I have ESET SS installed.

On another drive on the same computer I am testing Windows 10.

Can and how can I temporarily put ESET on the Windows 10 HD

for testing purposes????

Any other info you need I will supply.


Jack Shankle

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Not sure what permissions you mean. Windows 10 preview is not yet supported by HIPS so it's normal that you're getting an error message and HIPS doesn't work.

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More information in this topic: Any plan to make HIPS compatible with Windows 10 Tech Preview?


There you can see that HIPS might not be compatible with Windows 10 TP currently.

However if you want to test it and it works fine there's no problem, but if you find problems you must know that Windows 10 isn't official supported yet.


And of course, you can also activate the trail version of ESS on Windows 10 TP.

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