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Windows 11 Context menu bug report

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I recently updated to Windows 11, And after some time, I noticed a problem in the windows Context Menu
So that whenever I right-clicked on an item, it would look like this:

As you can see, half of the Context Menu is not visible and has a bug
And when I disable the "Integrate into the context menu" option in my Eset Security settings, this bug is fixed


And this problem bothers me a lot
And it forces me to always disable this option in my antivirus
And sometimes I really need this option

In the next Eset update, it is possible to make these options visible in the Context Menu only when we click on Show more options in the Context Menu.


I request the Eset developer team to fix this problem as soon as possible


Thanks 👌

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The first visual issue is a bug in Windows 11 which has Microsoft already fixed in Insider builds as far as I know.

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