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Firewall issue with Goodsync

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Recently updated Goodsync to v11 and now have a problem with connecting to goodsync.com for license validation and the mediator service for p2p sync and backup

The goodsync functions all work as expected with the firewall disabled. When the firewall is active a nag pops up saying "(connecting mediator,goodsync.com:443) Permission to access socket is denied (need a proxy?)" while trying to setup/verify the the account or if trying  to connect to the support portal the nag is "[connecting to www.goodsync.com:443] Permission to access socket is denied ...."

So far the support at goodsync has been totally unprofessional and frustratingly unhelpful, the tech has not provided any insight as to what the firewall is blocking that goodsync needs so I am really shooting in the dark trying to sort this out

None of the log files Eset shows activity related to blocking activity from goodsync.exe or the goodsync.com website or any indication of an issue with the mediator service

Anyone have experience similar? Suggested troubleshooting beyond the obvious? Easy oversights I should revisit?

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I'd suggest running the firewall troubleshooting wizard to unblock the desired communication:


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