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Infected files never cleaned

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I am a 10-year ESET user.

For several months, every time I click my Google Chrome browser, a popup shows infected files that cannot be cleaned. Procedures to fix are so complicated, going from one linked page to another -- very time consuming. ESET should automatically fix this. 

Popup is Potentially unwanted application found.

Clean never helps. I started clicking Ignore -- this does not help either.

(Image does not insert in your tab here because it is Search Google or type a URL.)

Sample Application: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application/chrome.exe

When I type the Application name into my local file search on my computer, it says No results found.

The file name is very long and will not copy over but it ends in: ......... \2.0.1_1\lib\bg.js

So, I get a lot of PUA's, every time I open a new tab on my Google Chrome browser. I must use Google Chrome for my work affiliation. 

This problem is seriously interfering with my work, and I cannot spend so much time on it.

ESET should put an automatic fix with my subscription, or I shall have to find another protection system. 

Clean Sample.pdf

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The file is detected as a PUA probably because of the protector used. A strange thing is that it was detected on a disk and not by web access protection. Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector for a start.

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Only thing I can think of is an extension installed for Chrome is causing this. This would explain why the alert comes when using chrome. You could try disabling extensions one by one at chrome://extensions/ - disable one and see if that fixes it - if not enable and then disable the next. If one stops the issue, it is the guilty one

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