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Eset Not Picking Up Cfg.xml During A Msiexec Installation


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Hi Forum, 


I'm having an issue with ESET Endpoint Antivirus, specifically Version 5.0.2229.


My issue is when I do a Msiexec install it doesn't pick up the cfg.xml file for setting up ESET. I have the cfg.xml file in the install directory and i have also tried referencing it in the Command with the admincfg="cfg.xml" tag.


My full command line is:

'msiexec.exe /i eea_nt64_enu.msi admincfg="cfg.xml" /qb REBOOT="ReallySuppress" PASSWORD="l0cal" '

and 'msiexec.exe /i eea_nt64_enu.msi /qb REBOOT="ReallySuppress" PASSWORD="l0cal" '


This is through Microsoft Deployment Toolkit as it is for an install image, so i can't use ERAC. 


The thing is, it worked fine on Version 5.0.2126
Any and all help will be greatly appreciated
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Yeah, i know it picks up most of the settings from ERA but my problem is, the installer is not picking up to config file to point to the ERA server. 


How can I get to pick up the Admin Config?

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Hello BeattieComms,


Please compress the cfg.xml file you are using into a zipped folder and send it to me in a Private Message.


Thank you,


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