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ESET Protect 8.0


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Is it still ok to maintain ESET Protect Server/Web console ver 8.0 and client ver 8.1? Not planning to upgrade to ver 9.0 yet as there are still some bugs, fixes to address? ESET Protect 8.0 still works perfectly fine in my environment.   

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Yes, you can user ESET PROTECT v8 as long as it's fully supported. I, for one, am not aware of any issues with v9 except a problem with EPSN communication if a proxy server is used, however, this is being investigated and so far the problem seems to be caused by proxy misconfiguration.

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Hello @mars_ots just one clarification.

You mention that there are issues with "V9". Please note, that those (as mentioned by Marcos) are related to Endpoint V9, not to ESET PROTECT Itself. You can easily upgrade ESET PROTECT (Server + Agents) to V9 and keep your Endpoints on version 8.1. And just a note, it also works the other way around, you can have ESET PROTECT (Server + Agents) on V8, and upgrade Endpoints to V9, they are cross compatible. 

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