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Web Filtering for Citrix Server

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I would like to add the web filtering system on my Citrix, I have done it for the clients that are not connected to the server and using Endpoint Security, but the server has ESET Server Security 8.0.12003.0, so this version does not have the web filtering whit category as Endpoint Security. I don't want to use the Web Acess Protection to configure it because it would'nt block the access to some sites category as web filtering system, it will just block like 10% of the sites category.

If I change the agent of the Citrix server to Endpoint Security, would it be as efficient as Security Server, do we have to do more configuration ?

Thank you for your help

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7 minutes ago, Marcos said:

It should work. To my best knowledge, we don't block installation of ESET Endpoint on servers currently.

Thanks, but would it be as efficient as the server agent ? Do we have to add some exception on Endpoint Security when we install it on Server ?

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It's not clear what you mean by the server agent. As for exceptions, you don't have to create any. However, in case of issues with EEA/EES features that are not part of ESET Server Security customer care may not be able to help.

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