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Downloads other than daily.

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I am on a Metered internet connection.  The daily downloads are ok, it's the occasional others I worry about.  There is no reference given to the file size.  I don't know if I can download it this month or do I need to wait until next month. 

Is there a way I can find out the file size for these occasional pop-up requests?

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Module updates are typically only a few kB in size if you update on a regular basis. The more updates you miss, the bigger the next update will be. About 4-6 times a year we release program updates (service releases, stability updates + 1 major update) which are slightly bigger (~20-40 MB), not sure if this is ok for you. If not, you could disable program updates and update ESET manually, e.g. by downloading the ESET installer from the Internet and running it.

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I am assuming this means there is no way to find out the file size before I download it?  Not the answer I was hoping for.   Thanks.

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you can open the advanced setup by going to setup > advanced setup > update > profile > updates  > enable "ask before  downloading updates" and set the size to 1 KB. that way the program will always ask you if an update larger than the size set will be downloaded.

so if a feature update is released, you will see it in the notification and it's size as well.


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