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Rollback feature and other security features.

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rollback malware actions features: it will be extremely useful in case of ransomware.

Firewall IPS and deep packet inspection: to analyze the traffic for malicious packets and prevent crypto miner or transfer personal data to hackers

keylogger protection: that encrypts keystrokes in real time to add additional layer against keyloggers 

screenlogger protection: protection against unauthorized screenshots or screen recording.

 remote control sessions to protect users against scammers and social engineering tactics,

By making ESET warn user that application X started remote session and monitoring your PC would like to allow the connection?


If there is suspicious action happened like deleting the user files or installing unknown software or launching app through this connection ESET must ask the user to allow these suspicious actions or not.

And ESET must always shows notification that if the user want to continue this session or disconnect this will help the user to terminate the session at anytime he like.


With every prompt ESET  alert, it should pause the connection to the remote session to allow the user decide not the hacker or scammer choose what he want to prevent scammer from controlling the PC and choose to allow this session


Audio stream monitoring: prevent unauthorized apps from accessing mic




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