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    Ahmeduchiha received kudos from Nightowl in AdGuard VPN incompatibility with ESET   
    Thank you for your reply,
    HTTP/3 QUIK protocol is disabled.

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    Ahmeduchiha gave kudos to czesetfan in ESET web protection not working properly   
    You can disable "Uncategorized" in Web, Parental Controls. This will block access to newly created pages, but you should expect increased FPs. 👍🙂
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    Ahmeduchiha gave kudos to Nightowl in Windows 11 core isolation (VBS) with ESET   
    I have it enabled on my Personal Computer with Windows 10 , it didn't cause any problems with ESET or with other programs.
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    Ahmeduchiha received kudos from Frenk in Suggestions for ESET   
    I have suggestion to improve ESET.
    Application control: monitoring important system files including hosts file, registry keys and prevent apps with suspicious behavior from modifying these files also categorize running app into categories trusted, or restricted or not trusted kind of white list and black list but more advanced. ransomware remediation: it can monitor app behavior and it's actions and take backup of these files that might encrypted temporarily and if these files encrypted by malware ESET can roll back malware action not only for ransomware but any malware can damage the system and it's registry keys. making the software more automated and less user dependent cause I don't know if this app malware or not, is this connection secure or lead to malware so, I would like to see ESET fully automated and take proper action automatically. vulnerability scanner: that searches for weak windows and apps settings also notify for outdated app or OS that might be vulnerable and fix it automatically with notification to the user. URL web search advisor for malicious sites, safe sites , potentially unwanted site that might drop adware and phishing sites. Anti banner and tracking cookies. protection against key logger: by encrypting all key press in real-time by this method even if malware not detected be scanner key caps will be still encrypted and the hacker will gain nothing  and this method will work in games, browsers and all apps. microphone protection: protect against potential malware or unsafe app that might use microphone to spy on the user and action taken automatically by ESET to block connection and usage of mic. prevention of transmitting password over insecure connection or insecure website. some improvements to HIPS and behavioral blocker to identify new and unknown malware before doing any damage to the system cause in some cases the threat detected too late after the malware has done damage to the system. ability to disinfect malware only and saving the original file photo, audio or exe file for games. virtualization: to test unknown malware   adding notes securely in ESET password manager  
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