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Dynamic threat defense - license question

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According to this article:


Eset EDTD is now available for on premise users and non Enterprise license volumes.

I have updated ESMC to ESET Protect server, updates my endpoints ans EDTD works fine on the endpoints (non servers) but I get a licensing error on my servers (EDTD is not licensed) - I noticed the workstations being already 8.1 and the serves still 8.0 - is that the reason?

Licenses type is: ESET endpoint + file security



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  • Administrators

EDTD should work fine with EFSW 8.0. Is there any error related to activation in the EFSW event log?

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, EDTD is only included in ESET PROTECT Advanced, Complete, Enterprise + is available as a standalone product for purchase. In order to enable EDTD, you have to activate it using a product activation task (EDTD license should work for EFSW the same way as it works for Endpoint) and enable it via policy (which you indeed did, as otherwise you won´t be getting that error). 

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