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EEI DB failing due to time change

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Hello guys,

Several months ago we reported a bug that caused the endpoints to stop reporting to EEI due to a change in time in Chile. More on this issue: 

On Saturday, April 3, the clock was back by one hour. The time zone was changed from GMT -3 to GMT -4 and it started failing again. The customer is using latest version that supposedly fixed this bug (1.5.1512) but it's failing again with this message:

1-04-07 16:59:39 015b4 Error: The disk usage or memory limit reached. Can't accept more data. (Device name)
2021-04-07 16:59:39 015b4 Error: HTTP error 503 while processing request for "PUT":"/EVENTS/V2/Device name:256e302d-f515-469b-bb40-1400411834c4

How can we fix this? No endpoint nor servers are being able to communicate with EEI server.



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  • ESET Staff

I think the time change occurring around when this started is just a coincidence.  The error you are getting, indicates that your EEI server's Hard Drive is full (or almost full) or that it has run out of RAM.  Please check how much free drive space you have on all drives for the EEI server.  Even if you installed the SQL database on a second drive, if the main System Drive (C:\) is full, this could lead to SQL not being able to write to C:\Windows\Temp.

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Hi @JamesR!

You right, it seems one of those random coincides of life.

The server RAM is ok (8 GB of 24) but disk is in its limit. Currently there're 14 GB available of about 149 GB.

I deleted some files and now there're 15 GB available and computers started reporting again. How many free space do you need for EEI? There're about 140 computers reporting to EEI.

Thank you.

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