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Manual VS Automatic ESET Protect Upgrade

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We are currently running ESMC 7.2 server with a HTTP Proxy in DMZ serving external clients. I would like to upgrade to ESET Protect 8.0 and according to the documentation there are two ways - manual, and via component upgrade task (https://support.eset.com/en/kb7701-upgrade-eset-security-management-center-72-to-the-latest-eset-protect-8-via-web-console and https://support.eset.com/en/kb7702-manually).

I just wanted your expert opinion whether there are any benefits in doing the manual upgrade over the automatic one? The server was initially installed using the all-in-one installer. Are there any additional post upgrade steps in order to ensure everything is up to date?

Additionally, regarding the HTTP Proxy, I suppose it should be upgraded manually as I don't see it as installed application from the console?

Thank you in advance!

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Component upgrade task upgrades only ESMC/EP components, as is ESET Management Agent, ESMC Server and ESMC WebConsole, but it does not upgrade other, especially third-party components as is Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP Proxy or MS SQL Server.

Thus benefit of performing manual upgrade using all-ine-one installer for Windows, or performing upgrade ot EP/ESMC Appliance using "migration" to new version, is that also third-party and and possibly other support tools are upgraded. Also note that manual upgrade is less prone to failures caused by environment issues, as are those network related, but also those caused by missing dependencies (for example minimal supported version of OS or database itself).

My recommendation would be to perform manual upgrade, as it is fairly simple from users perspective, and it offers more control. Also I would recommend to perform database backup before doing so, but hat should be case also for automatic upgrade.

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