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Time to apply setting "Deactivate seats not connected to ESET Business Account"

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I have just set up my EBA account and imported our license across from the old ELA portal.

I've found the setting "Deactivate seats not connected to ESET Business Account" and have set it to the desired number of days. I am pretty new to this portal, so I have a few questions...


How long should I expect to see this apply, and the relevant computers be removed from the list?
Is it possible to manually trigger this to clean up the agents list without waiting for the scheduled run?

Is it possible to sort or filter the "activated devices" list by "last seen"? (or any of the columns for that matter?) It would be great to sort by that, and select the older ones to be deactivated.
It would be great to see more than 100 devices per page - which appears to currently be the maximum setting. Alternatively, additional filtering options would be great!

Thank you!

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Deactivation of inactive devices is performed once a day, however, currently there's an issue which causes the function to not work. The issue is being looked at and we assume it should be fixed soon.

It is not possible to trigger the clean-up manually.

The good news is that sorting now works. It was a glitch in a recent version of EBA which was fixed quickly.

The reason why the number of devices is limited to 100 at maximum on a page is due to performance reasons. Whit hundreds or thousands of machines on a page the web console could respond slowly.

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Thank you both for the feedback!

I have been clearing out old / disconnected clients from out ESET Protect portal, but the total seats in there seems to be lower than the license usage in the EBA portal, which is why I wanted to check.

Regarding the issue with deactivation of inactive devices not currently working, if my license is over-provisioned, but I can't remove dead clients, will I start running into problems with activations?

We are only over by 24 seats at the moment (we have a 970 seat license, and 994 in use). We will need to increase our license anyway, as being so close to the limit doesn't feel very comfortable... but I know that there's more than 24 "dead" clients out there that would bring us under usage again if they were cleared out.


Again, thanks for your quick responses and help. Have a good day!

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Ryan_GCITS You should have no worries, activations will work, even in case of a slight overusage. 

What I would recommend to do, is to go to EBA portal, and sort your devices based on "last seen" column. If there will be some, that have not connected for a longer period of time, you might easily remove them. 

As you are using ESET PROTECT, and have one license, you can easily set a dynamic group for "not activated security product", and set an activation task, that will have both "joined dynamic group trigger" and "run every hour trigger" set, meaning even if you accidentally deactivate a client that is still "on", it will "auto repair" itself, as EP will activate him. 


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