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ESET SysRescue


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Hi Ego_Dekker,

There is a new version of the SysRescue utility available for download. It is considerably easier to use than the version that you can access from the GUI. See our Knowledgebase article for instructions on how to run the new version, called SysRescue Live. There is a download link for the software included in the article.

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This is an easier solution :

1) download the ISO from here hxxp://download.eset.com/special/sysrescue-iso/eset-sysrescue.

2) for a CD, burn the image. For a bootable USB, use YUMI or SYSLINUX


Here you are downloading ESET SysRescue Live (like @CB530 recommend)). But instead of burning the ISO manually you can also use the ESET SysRescue Live "installer". (IMO it's much easier to use)

If you want to create an ESET SysRescue (Windows PE based) rescue disk then you have to create in from your ESET product.

More about the differences of both SysRescue versions you can find here.

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