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  1. Hello, As every year I went to the official seller's shop and just renewed Nod32 for 2 posts. My computer is multi boot, 2 windows and 1 Linux.The activation for the 2 Windows went fine. But each time, I have a problem with Linux. It has been 15 hours now and my Linux is still on the old license.
  2. Hello, I bought NOD32 for 2 machines and 1 year in a shop in my town. The new expiration date on the first Windows 7 machine is OK. On the second machine I have a multi-boot : Windows xp, windows 7 and LInux. The expiration date for the 2 windows is OK but for Linux it still shows the old date which will expire in 14 days. Note last year I had the same problem and it was solved here with a PM if I remember well. Thank you.
  3. Rami is spamming my posts. Please ban this guy. Rami is going to my black list.
  4. Dear Marcos, I have 2 machines. One machine has Windows 7 and the other machine has 3 OS (Windows xp, Windows 7 and Linux/Ubuntu). I currently use NOD32 for 2 machines and renewing my license will cost 25 Euros. Buying for the first time the Multi-Device license for 2 machines will cost 60 Euros. If I renew NOD32, will it still work with my 3 mutl-boot machine (Windows XP Pro X64, Windows 7, Linux18.04 X64) ? I am not interested in Network protection . or I I must purchase the Muti-Device Security because I have Linux on one machine ? Thank you.
  5. Hello, My license of Nod32 is for one year and two desktop PC. One PC is at my mother's house and Nod32 protects Windows 7. The other computer is at my home and it protects my triple boot : Windows Xp pro x64, Windows 7 and Xubuntu 18.04. Last year, when I renewed, It lasted a few minutes for the new expiration date to show for the windows versions of both computers. However, I had to write a message here because Nod32 for Linux/Xubuntu did not show the new date of expiration. It occurred only after several hours. On Eset web page comparative, I see "ESET Nod32 anti
  6. I did not touch to AppArmor, I leave everything as is. The problem solved itself, it was my ISP fault.
  7. You are right Marcos. The problem comes from my ISP.
  8. Hello, 1) I use Xubuntu 18.04 LTS X64. From a week or so my daily updates are ultra slow, sometimes I must restart manually the update process. 2) I ran Eset SysRescue CD and had to download about 99 000 KBytes for the database. After 30 minutes, it had only loaded 500 KBytes so I gave up. What is wrong ? Thank you.
  9. I have used Nod32 for several years and in Xubuntu 18.04 (and previous versions) I also have the same messages. This does not prevent it from updating and working properly, at least I hope it does its job. I have no other sofware protecting my OS. I have a multi boot system, one OS = one Hard Drive. Windows XP, Windows 7 and Xubuntu 18.04. NoD32 installed on each HD. 21/11/2018 17:09:20 Preload library access control Cannot connect to /tmp/esets.sock: Permission denied 21/11/2018 17:09:00 Preload library access control Cannot connect to /tmp/esets.sock: Permission
  10. You were right Marcos. It took 9 hours to extend the license and a few minutes for Windoze. Thanks !
  11. Hello, Today I have renewed Nod32 license for 2 posts for 1 year at the shop. I received 2 emails from Eset with all infos and saying it is valid till January 2019. One computer is a laptop with Windows 7 and the license is extended OK The other computer is my computer. I have a mutli boot with 3 operating systems. The license of Windows XP x64 pro was extended till January 2019. OK The license of Windows 7 x64 home premium was also extended till January 2019. OK BUT for LINUX UBUNTU 16.04 X64, the icon on the top right is orange and says it remains 11 da
  12. Hello, I have a multi boot OS. About windows XP x64, what is the latest version of Internet Security or Smart Security and where can I download it ? Thank you.
  13. The link you give is the EICAR test. I want to understand why ecls in winrar works well in Windows XP but cannot be executed in Windows 7. Maybe it is related to administrator account ?
  14. Hello, One of my OS is Windows 7 64 bits and I use the latest Winrar x64. I have integrated ECLS.EXE in order to scan an archive. Here is the command line : "C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antiviru\ecls.exe" /base-dir="C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus" /log-file=c:\temp\ECLS.TXT /log-rewrite /log-console /aind /no-boots /mail /arch /sfx /rtp /adware /unsafe /unwanted /heur /adv-heur /clean-mode=delete /no-quarantine It seems to extract the archive but it returns this error message : impossible to execute ecls Note this does not happen under Windows XP. Thank you for your
  15. I uninstalled 4.081 then rebooted then installed the 4.0.82 Since you can't help me, create a new topic for your problem and do not spam my thread.
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