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FF83 "HTTPS-Only" Mode and BPP

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Has anyone tested the new FF 83 "HTTPS-Only" Mode (in the FF Privacy module) WITH BPP?

For -- regions.com (bank) --I get the Can't Redirect page --- https://help.eset.com/eis/14/en-US/how_resolve_bp_browser_error.html?issue=00110105 --- page and the FF Trick to clk on the address bar Lock Button and Turn HTTPS-Only Off -- FOR THAT SITE --  doesn't work because it's no longer showing the Regions address - it's the -- help.eset -- url showing.

Turn Web-Email SSL OFF use to work on some issues but not here.

I know that BPP uses a Separate FF Profile. What other Key facts do I need to post on the mozillazine.org Forum to see IF this feature and BPP can work?

Not life threatening but somebody will ultimately ask this.


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